Agent Methodology

With help from our Store of the Future Consultants, you will establish a use case need for a new solution in your stores.  Together, you will “fireproof” your project by establishing a rock solid ROI which proves your project brings irrefutable efficiencies, cost savings or improved sales which are resilient to your CFO’s scrutiny.  

We keep our fingers on the pulse of retail technology and use our wealth of resources to help you grow your bottom-line. Your Storeworks Agent is well-equipped to provide you with the information that IT professionals need to make informed decisions:

  • Complete comparative matrices
  • Benchmarking and evaluation of technologies
  • Solutions recommendation
  • Robust ROI modeling
  • Rapid proofs of concept
  • Multiple-platform pilots

From initial contact to solution development, through to implementation and future opportunity, our team of Agents keeps the flow of communication open, acting as an extension of your IT team.

In an industry full of biased manufacturers, costly resellers and inexperienced consultants, it is comforting to know there is an alternative available that has YOUR interests in mind.

That alternative is Storeworks. Set us in motion for you.