Field Services

This crucial step of deployment is paramount to the solution’s interaction with your shoppers and store associates. The Storeworks Field Services team understands that a solution’s appearance, functionality and efficient deployment can make or break the success of a project.

At the core of our Field Services approach is a project management style that encompasses a crucial set of conditions: Transparency, Timeliness, Flexibility, Quality Workmanship and Retail Store Knowledge.

Transparency comes in several forms, the most important of which is the customer’s ability to track and monitor the project’s progress. Storeworks keeps you informed every step of the way. Open communication between you and our project manager provide you with a 24-hour source of mission critical information.

Timeliness can mean the difference between a failed deployment and a successful one. We know and understand the demands of retail industry’s seasonal nature and we answer the call by keeping a strict schedule with our technicians – especially when the schedule is demanding!

Flexibility is not optional with a retail technology deployment. When deploying to thousands of unique locations, you must expect the unexpected. Backed by experience, Storeworks is skilled at deploying the right mix of resources so that adjustments can be made on the fly without affecting project deadlines.

Quality Workmanship is our mantra. In order to effectively enhance the shopper experience in your retail stores, installations must maintain or improve the look & feel of the store’s fixture. We choose the proper skillset for each individual project.

Retail Store Knowledge comes only with experience and the Storeworks team has amassed years of vaulable industry acumen. Expertise with retail merchandising, selling, inventory, operations and point of sale allow us to put ourselves in the shoes of the shoppers, associates, managers and executives who are driving the retail technology decisions.